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Young Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt was born in 2000. Sawyer Howitt is a son of David Howitt. David is a fonder and CEO of Meriwether Group. His mother is Heather Howitt and grand mother is Tedde McMillen. Hailey Lena is his younger sister. Sawyer Howitt is the project manager of the Meriwether group and racquetball player. They live in Portland Oregon.

He is a one of the famous racquetball stars in Oregon. Currently, he is second semester student of business and finance. Sawyer got so many business experience from his family, because his father,mother and his grand mother has business. Sawyer Howitt’s mother and grand mother launched Oregon chai (home-brewed tea) in 1994. While he was involved his fathers business he got so many experience and talent from his work, because Meriwether company provide services for the entrepreneur.

Also, he won the 2015 Oregon racquetball tournament. He got some leadership experience from his sports too. He worked at Kure Juce bar to get some customer service experience. His father and mother inspire their on business. They both are talented and they both has courage, and their family also decent traditional family with lot of morals. All of his hard works and family back ground makes him an young entrepreneur.