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Evolution Of Smooth Continues To Be A Favorite Lip Balm Choice

Evolution Of Smooth is a relatively new company that has managed to overtake industry giant Chapstick in annual revenue. The company has managed to see over $250 million in sales in only seven years. A great part of their success has been an effective marketing strategy that involves using unique packaging that sets their product apart from the others, and sensational flavor combinations that no other brand has. Once Evolution Of Smooth hit the market they began an instant success.

Celebrities began to use the products and were seen with them in public. Their fans began buying Evolution Of Smooth products because of that reason and once they began using it, the noticed how great the product was. The lip balms are also a great price so that makes them a very attractive option to most people that want to purchase lip balm. They get a fun flip top round package that works incredibly and the flavors are wonderful. It is a recipe for huge success in the lip balm industry. There are tons of flavors, and some of the most popular on the market are summer fruit and honeydew honeysuckle. The EOS lip balm flavors are completely unique and nothing like any of their competition.

Evolution Of Smooth ( is projecting that they will see continued significant growth over the next several years. They project to see revenue in the area of $1 billion by the year 2020. They are currently ranked number two in the market, only to be surpassed by Burt’s Bees. They may continue to see enough growth over the next few years to make it to the number one position. Evolution Of Smooth can be found at most retail stores like Target, Walmart and online on Amazon. When people have a choice they usually choose Evolution Of Smooth over the old standby flavors, which make them a staple in most big box stores.]


Delectable Flavors Of EOS Lip Balm

One of the things that I enjoy about EOS is that there are several flavors available. I have seen everything from spring and summer flavors to special editions for holidays. It’s hard to find only a few favorite flavors, but I think that there are a select few that I enjoy using more than the other ones that I have in my drawers at home and in my car.

My favorite compared to all of the other spheres is the sweet mint. It comes in a container that is mint green, matching the flavor. The mint has a delightful taste on the lips and an smell that is mesmerizing. It’s almost like a peppermint stick that you would smell at Christmas. Anther fun flavor that I enjoy, especially in the summer, is the strawberry sorbet. It’s like putting a glass of sorbet on the lips. The sweet scent makes me want to enjoy a piece of strawberry shortcake with whipped cream or a bowl of strawberry ice cream.

EOS lip balm offers organic products that are smooth and soft on the lips. The lip balms are organic, which is something I like because I know that they are safe to use. The lip balms by EOS are also full of vitamin E, protecting the lips from damage that can be caused by being in the sun.

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