George Soros – Life and Work

Mr. George Soros is a political influence, a philanthropist, and a businessman, and a writer. He was born in the Hungarian capital in 1930. His early childhood lacked safety as the Nazi forces were sweeping the country at that time. George Soros was born under the name of George Schwartz. His parents – Trividar and Erzebat Schwartz were non-practicing Jews. His father Trividar changed the name of the family to Soros when his son was at the age of six. Then, he sent his children and his wife to different places with forged documents in order to help them survive the radical times.

George Soros spent his childhood and young teenage years in Budapest, Hungary. He lived with a Christian family. The man of the house was supposed to report any Jews to the Nazi, but Trividar Soros paid him to keep his son safe and pretend he is a distant relative that he had adopted. Years later, The Soros family was able to come together again, far away from home. George Soros enrolled in a university in London – London School of Economics. He graduated from it with more than a degree. During his time at the academic institution, George Soros became hugely familiar with the work of a philosopher – Karl Pepper. The main idea of Karl pepper that George Soros studied deeply is his concept of an ”open society” which describes a society without discrimination and segregation based on race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or profession. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

George Soros moved to the United States in America after graduating. He got heavily invested into doing business and writing about his experience and sharing the wisdom and knowledge he has amassed over the years. He started a company called Soros Fund Management and also became heavily invested in philanthropy work and fundraising. He also became politically involved, George Soros recently came back to the political scene in order to support Hilary Clinton. Over the course of the elections, he sprinkled donations on many political groups in support of Hilary Clinton.

Other charities that George Soros has been supporting over the years have been fighting against discrimination and have been sharing his views on an open society. The idea of such a world have been a driving force for George Soros over the long years, and his work has been directed towards establishing t as a reality. George Soros has often stated that he believes the corporate world and the political world have been coming together into a cold machine. His desire is to create a hospitable political landscape and make corporations more mindful of the individual and more humane. He is currently in his 80s and still active in his life’s work. Visit to know more about George.