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Richard Blair is Passionate about the Investment Industry

Wealth Solutions, Inc, founded by Richard Blair, is a registered financial advisory company that helps clients grow, protect and manage their assets. His belief is that everyone should develop a solid financial plan outlining their goals and the steps necessary to achieve those goals. His mission is to bring the information and the know how to his clients to pursue their financial goals.


Wealth Solutions has established a plan of attack consisting of three tiers that when implemented will help clients establish a customized plan. Tier one establishes the goal of each client while tier two is utilized to establish a road map of sorts to help meet those goals. Tier three establishes strategies for long term solutions including putting insurance and long term care elements in place.


Blair is from a teaching family and he has experienced firsthand how education will influence individuals in positive ways. Education gives individuals confidence, as well as additional knowledge. His desire to help people, coupled with his passion for finance brought him to establish Wealth Solutions. His firm continues to provide objective and unbiased advice to clients and help them create and protect wealth for the long term, especially to meet their retirement needs.


Blair established Wealth Solutions in 1994 in Austin, Texas after working in the financial industry for a few years. Blair is also a certified financial advisor holding several certifications. Blair and Wealth Solutions believe that as the economy changes, financial solutions must adapt, as well. The company offers individualized solutions that are conservative, but dynamic to help clients achieve their goals.


The main goals of those seeking financial advice are doing so with retirement in mind. Clients want to build and preserve wealth for the long term and establishing a steady and consistent income for the golden years. Richard Blair has accrued a great deal of experience and along with his leadership Wealth Solutions has stayed at the forefront of the industry. He helps clients avoid the potholes, speed bumps and pitfalls that can run a person off track and derail their plans.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions help clients establish an investment portfolio that is based on the clients individual needs, level of risk they are willing to take and meet their goals. Richard Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston earning a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. His passion for finance, even as a young boy, has helped him flourish in the investment industry.


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Paul Mampilly Investing Advice And Helping Others

Many people today struggle with their personal finances. The average person is not investing for the future, and they have a lot of debt they cannot pay off. The good news is that there are steps everyone can take to get into a better financial position.

Paul Mampilly is one of the leading investment minds in the world today. He has had a great career, but he is still working hard to help as many people as possible. He is excited about all of the plans that he has for the future.

Investing Advice for Others

If you want to have more success in your finances, planning for the future is vital. Most people only think a week or a month out with their finances. In order to have success, you have to think many years out.

Paul Mampilly sits down with all of his clients and plans out their future with them. He shows them how much money they need to start saving today in order to reach their financial goals. Many people are surprised to learn how much they need to change in their personal finances to reach their goals.

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One of the biggest issues in the economy today is debt. Millions of people struggle with credit card and student loan debt. In order to succeed with your finances, you have to get rid of bad debt that is reducing your cash flow every month.

After paying off debt, you can start investing. Paul Mampilly recommends choosing an index fund with a low expense ratio. An expense ratio is the percentage of funds that go towards paying the fund manager. Paul Mampilly has won a lot of awards for his work in the field helping others with their finances. He has also written several books on the subject of personal finance.

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