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Securus Technologies Specializes In Public Safety And Modern Communication

Securus Technologies is a prominent organization in criminal technology. The company has been in the industry for many years and provides several different types of tools for law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities to conduct business. They are experts in dealing with inmate crimes. The company is based in Dallas Texas and is experience with providing services to public safety organizations, law enforcement bureaus and detainment centers all over the United States. There other services include emergency response, biometric analysis, public information and inmate self service.


Securus Technologies has a firm presence in prison technologies with many facilities around the country. The organization is dedicated to strengthening its infrastructure. Securus has invested up to six hundred million dollars in patents, as well as acquisitions of other companies over a three-year period. Offender Management was an acquisition that Securus made in order to diversify its reach within the industry. Offender management had been the leader in the same field up to that point.


Prisons and jails had a problem with cell phone contraband. Securus was able to introduce a system that eventually got approved by 5 Department of Corrections facilities by 2016. They went on to build a relationship with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender Technology. The program was developed to block cell phones from accessing outside mobile networks.


Securus joined forces with JPay Incorporated. JPay has a solid niche in a similar market. They were having great success providing electronic payments, email and entertainment systems for facilities around the company. Their client list spread out to over 33 different state prisons in the country. Securus believes the acquisition will open doors for both JPay and the parent company.


Executives at Securus plan on allowing JPay to operate as and independent aspect of the company. They will pay very close attention to JPay operating procedures in order to study their success. JPay in turn will benefit from the large resources that Securus Technologies has to offer.



The Best Is Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the best company in the public safety field, and they are showing this on a regular basis. Since they are able to create technologies on a weekly basis, their customers are benefiting from this. They created the Video Visitations, and this has been wonderful for the correction facilities that use their services.


The Video Visitations allow the prisoners in the correction facilities to communicate with others via the video. They can hear and see them, as well as talk with them. This makes it safer for everyone involved, and the customers of the company are raving about it. They are saying the most things about them.


Securus Technologies is a company that takes pride in what they do, and they have invited their customers and the public to tour their Dallas, TX location. They will able to see what they are currently working on, and why it is so important to the public safety field. They are sought after by many companies all throughout the country, and are known for their expertise clear across the world. With all that this company can offer to the field, it looks like the future will be filled with even more success for them. Their accomplishments are numerous, and will continue to add up as they progress into the future even further.