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Nathaniel Ru and Business Partners Make Great Strides in the Restaurant Industry

If it were possible for most well-known restaurants to start completely from scratch, most of these eateries would want to model their business like Sweetgreen. The high-end salad chain restaurant has huge investors backing it, including Danny Meyer, Daniel Boulud and Steve Case.

Sweetgreen is both on trend and ahead of its time, offering healthy, organic and local ingredients for patrons to enjoy. The restaurant current has 40 locations and the lines are always long.

Co-CEO Nathaniel Ru says that he and his partners are created a brand that will stand for something when it comes to customer perception. This proves that chain restaurants could stand to learn much more from Sweetgreen than how to make a delicious salad.

Ru and his business partners Jonathan Nemen and Nicholas Jammet were classmates at Georgetown University, and have made significant strides in technology. They are also children of parents who are business owners and are all first-generation immigrants. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase and Sweetgreen Entreprenuers | Fortune

Sweetgreen has an app, and Sweetgreen conducts 30% of its total transactions through the app and the restaurant’s website. Ru asserts that technology has always been a huge part of what makes Sweetgreen successful.

Lately, Ru and his two business partners have been rethinking their methods for management. The corporate offices are closed five times a year so that everyone involved with the restaurant can work at an establishment and be hands-on. Although Sweetgreen now has a new office in LA, there is no main headquarter. The CEOs are bi-coastal and want to make sure that there are Sweetgreen locations all around the country.

After the business partners graduated from college in 2007, they wanted to open a restaurant near campus that would offer healthy options to students. They knew that Sweetgreen would be a hit when the restaurant survived winter break — a time when there are very little students on campus.

Nathaniel Ru and his business partners launched sweet life in 2010, which is a music and food festival that is now the largest in its region.

The event, which features innovative foods and popular artists, is held near Georgetown University and attracts about 20,000 attendees.


Daniel Taub Makes People Realize Things Will Get Better

As an ambassador to a different country, Daniel Taub learned a lot of lessons. Even though the country was somewhere he was comfortable, the experience of living in a different culture was something that he had to get used to. Daniel Taub knew there would be different things he would have to do if he was going to try and make life better for himself and many of those things started with him trying to make the most out of his time there. He had a lot of dedication and knew he would need to try and make things better on his own.


As long as Daniel Taub was in England, he was going to learn a lot of lessons. He now has 10 solid life lessons under his belt. He likes to share them with people and tries to always point out how they applied to his life as an ambassador and how they apply to his life as he is just starting to leave the position of ambassador. Daniel Taub knew there would be things he would have to do, but he found there were many options he had not accounted for that would have made it harder for him to make things work while in the position. Learn more:


Daniel Taub has always tried to stay away from regrets. He does things wholeheartedly so he doesn’t have to worry about regrets and he knows those things are what will make life better for him. He also knows there will be a chance that he can try to give people more advice in the future. All of the things Daniel Taub has done have led back to him making the right choices for the people who he is serving. He plans to continue this tradition of servitude as he works his way into his new position.


Thanks to the abilities he has had while he has been working as an ambassador, Daniel Taub knows what it takes to be a positive influence on other people. He has always tried to give them the help and the encouragement they need to do better. He also tries to show people they can make a difference in their own lives if they try to push each other to new points of success. It is part of what has made him such a great ambassador as he has led his way in the country of England.





Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Pioneer In Health Care Excellence

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is an exceptional entrepreneur who has a passion for healthcare. He is currently the Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions. He is also a supporter of the Aga Khan located in France. For this charitable duties, he has done several projects for the Ismaili people, and they were able to serve 16 areas through their projects.

Dr. Sachedina is also an active participant in the Aga Khan Development to help the communities located in Ismaili. The Aga Khan charity institution which he is an active member has helped several communities to recover from social and health problems in countries in Central Asia.

As a renowned healthcare pioneer, Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania in 1950. He eventually became a dental surgeon in 1975. He started his first experiences in healthcare as a dental resident in Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School.

Being a graduate of the University of London, he remained in England and continued his practice as a dentist for several years. Dr. Sachedina eventually ventured out and found his passion in the health care sector.

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He discovered this inclination through his charitable works in the Aga Khan and Jamati projects, and he was inspired to create more opportunities to help people in the aspect of health care. He is also an active member of the Institute Board of Governors.

He has held such a large role in the development of the Ismaili Imamat and their communities that he was able to hold several positions including those involving councils in the UK. He was able to be part of International Forums for his participation in a lot of voluntary work.

Currently, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the Joint Chairman of one of the biggest healthcare centers in England, the Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare is one of the fastest growing nursing homes located in the area. They are able to provide to 500 individuals with state-of-the-art facilities, individualized programs for adult and special needs care, and other programs for short-term and long-term care.

Sussex health care aims to provide a high standard of health care for the patients and their families, which is the core value of the company and Dr. Sachedina. He believes that health is the one of the essential pillars of the quality of life. That is why he devoted his life to pursuing his passion in the health care industry. So far, his volunteer programs, health care institutions and partnerships have helped so many patients and their families improve their lives.

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Richard Blair is Passionate about the Investment Industry

Wealth Solutions, Inc, founded by Richard Blair, is a registered financial advisory company that helps clients grow, protect and manage their assets. His belief is that everyone should develop a solid financial plan outlining their goals and the steps necessary to achieve those goals. His mission is to bring the information and the know how to his clients to pursue their financial goals.


Wealth Solutions has established a plan of attack consisting of three tiers that when implemented will help clients establish a customized plan. Tier one establishes the goal of each client while tier two is utilized to establish a road map of sorts to help meet those goals. Tier three establishes strategies for long term solutions including putting insurance and long term care elements in place.


Blair is from a teaching family and he has experienced firsthand how education will influence individuals in positive ways. Education gives individuals confidence, as well as additional knowledge. His desire to help people, coupled with his passion for finance brought him to establish Wealth Solutions. His firm continues to provide objective and unbiased advice to clients and help them create and protect wealth for the long term, especially to meet their retirement needs.


Blair established Wealth Solutions in 1994 in Austin, Texas after working in the financial industry for a few years. Blair is also a certified financial advisor holding several certifications. Blair and Wealth Solutions believe that as the economy changes, financial solutions must adapt, as well. The company offers individualized solutions that are conservative, but dynamic to help clients achieve their goals.


The main goals of those seeking financial advice are doing so with retirement in mind. Clients want to build and preserve wealth for the long term and establishing a steady and consistent income for the golden years. Richard Blair has accrued a great deal of experience and along with his leadership Wealth Solutions has stayed at the forefront of the industry. He helps clients avoid the potholes, speed bumps and pitfalls that can run a person off track and derail their plans.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions help clients establish an investment portfolio that is based on the clients individual needs, level of risk they are willing to take and meet their goals. Richard Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston earning a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. His passion for finance, even as a young boy, has helped him flourish in the investment industry.


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