Fabletics Is The New Player In Town, And It Is Taking Over Amazon


Fabletics Is The New Player In Town, And It Is Taking Over Amazon

Amazon has long had a monopoly over the online fashion industry. This is no surprise, considering that they control over a fifth of the ecommerce industry in general. However, there is now a new player in town, and this new player is overtaking Amazon.


This new player is a company called Fabletics. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a company that offers subscription options for its customers. They mix that with a superb customer experience. This makes customers love them, which is why they have over one million active subscribers. There are other unique things that Fabletics does which are the sources of its success.


Fabletics is known for their reverse showroom engineering technique. Showrooming is a term that refers to people going to stores in order to try out new clothes, but instead of buying them from the store, they will go look for a cheaper price online. This is killing many businesses. However, Fabletics has managed to come up with a strategy that uses this to their advantage. Fabletics has both online and offline stores. They also have a subscription based membership. People who are subscribers are free to visit stores and get clothes from there as part of their membership. So between a third and a half of people who walk into the Fabletics stores are already paying members. Another twenty five percent of people who come in opt to become paying subscribers while they are in the store. When people in a Fabletics store choose a certain type of clothing, it gets added to their online cart as well, so they can purchase it online if they so wish.


In addition, this setup lets Fabletics please their customers in the best manner. They can easily find out what their customers want. If people are buying something online, they will stock up their stores with that type of clothing. If people are buying stuff in a store, they will make sure it is available online too.


Kate Hudson is the actress who starred in the film Almost Famous. She is a driving force behind the success Fabletics has been seeing. She may be an actress in training, but she certainly knows how to get a fashion company see tremendous growth, increase revenue, and win over the hearts of so many customers. She helps them out with their marketing strategy as well. You should take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz so that you can know which style of clothing is good for you.

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