Why is Sweetgreen Successful than other Restaurants?


Why is Sweetgreen Successful than other Restaurants?

Ask people why love Sweetgreen and they will give you many reasons. However, they will tell you that they love the restaurant as it offers reasonably priced food that is very tasty. The food offered by Sweetgreen is also quality meaning that you don’t go back for lunch after 45 minutes. The restaurant had its humble beginning in Washington DC 10 years ago. The restaurant was established by three college students who knew little about the food industry. Today, they are led by Nathaniel Ru with the restaurant having over 40 outlets in the United States alone. Some of these joints can be found in New York, Chicago, Boston and Atlanta. They also opened a new restaurant in Los Angeles, California.


Nathaniel Ru says that they were motivated to start the restaurant when they could not find a place to eat in Washington when studying at Georgetown University. They were in their senior year when they decided to establish the venture. He acknowledges that establishing the business was a hard move as they could not even convince the landlord to lease the tavern space. They had a prior experience with this landlord as she used to be the landlord of the apartment they were living in. Having failed to convince her for the first time and ignoring their calls, the three continued calling her for 30 days until she agreed to meet with these gentlemen. Nathaniel Ru even joked during an interview that this is the first time that he wore a suit. It also happened to be the last time he wore the same.


During this meeting, the only thing that these gentlemen managed to prepare is a three-page business plan and a small budget of their venture. To their surprise, the landlord saw something in their idea and advised them to look for some investors and an architect. In a period of three weeks, the gentlemen had found an architect and investors to fund their idea. Nathaniel Ru says that he is grateful to the landlord. At the moment, Sweetgreen employs many people such as Theresa Dold who is the digital marketing head. She says that the company has managed to stay ahead of its competitors by taking a different sales approach. She says that Sweetgreen employs the same principle as Apple by valuing its customers more than money and profits. She says that it’s the aim of the restaurant to remain local, stay smart and sexy.


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