Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Keeps Sharing His Insights on Rebranded HuffPost

Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, has recently added two more articles to his long list of contributions made to HuffPost. These articles were published as the online news outlet is undergoing rebranding, changing its name from Huffington Post to the new HuffPost.

In one article, he talks about how success-minded individuals can survive in what he calls a “society of quitters.” Reina also talked about how he tells the independent associates in his business and any entrepreneur he meets that a full and unwavering commitment to growing their business is a necessity if they hope to achieve success. He believes that as soon as people start to make excuses as to why they can’t give 100 percent to their entrepreneurial activities, it sets them on a path which often leads to them quitting a short while later when they don’t get the results they wanted. Learn more:

In his other HuffPost article, Talk Fusion’s CEO stresses the importance of understanding your audience when you talk to them. This applies whether you’re giving presentations, talking to them by phone, creating content for the web, social media, sending email newsletters or meeting them in person. The article goes on to recommend that entrepreneurs keep in mind the problems that their products or services can solve for their target audience by considering the challenges they face, their age and education level, personal motivations and interests.

Bob Reina has been active as a contributor to HuffPost since August 2016. The articles he submits to the digital news platform touch on a diverse range of topics including building sales skills, personal development, trends in the online video technology world, marketing, business growth and entrepreneurship.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007. The company was born after Founder and CEO Bob Reina was disappointed to find that no effective method existed at the time to include a video in an email message. Since then, Talk Fusion has grown to be a provider of all-in-one video marketing solution, helping businesses worldwide take advantage of the power of video to make an impact with their target audience. Their full range of products is marketed by a large network of independent associates spread out across 140 nations. Learn more:

How Oncotarget has made research easy

Contribution to present work

Oncortarget offers journals in different disciplines to help in the process of research work. The organization deals mostly in traditional journals and the ones that have not been exposed to the public. Currently, there are several journals which people have not had an opportunity to see because of the difficulty in accessing them. Through this organization, these journals have been slowly but steadily finding their ways to the public without many expenses. Some of the research works are very high on demand and through their contributions; most of these have been currently accessed. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

Accessing research work without paying

Oncortarget is not interested in getting any funds from the public. The organization is focused on giving the best of services to the public without requesting for a dollar from them. The main aim and intention of their service are to make the research work available so that people can enjoy reading and sharing the knowledge that they have gained. Researchers, especially students have the desire and ability to learn. The major setback in their learning process is the inability to access the research materials that have to be bought. The organization has currently made it easy for this group of researchers to gain the materials for free.

The increasing popularity of their contribution

For a long time, the organization has not been known to people. It has not been easy looking for different materials only to give the public for free. The research journals have been increasing in number over the past few years, and their popularity has been significantly increasing as well. By 2011, the organization had an impact factor of 4.7. The figures have constantly been growing to the current popularity of 5.1 with over thirty thousand journals accessed. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at

Focus on scientific research

The current population is focusing on different scientific researches. People have conducted experiments, but the results have not been made public. There are journals that can help in discovering the wonders of the world, but most researchers have not been in a position to access them. Through Oncotarget, these researches have been made public to make other research works easier and to enhance the quality of scientific education.

Roberto Santiago Turned Dreams to Realities

Roberto Santiago has always wanted to be successful. Throughout his career, he has worked hard to make sure that he is doing things that will make him successful. One of the best things that he did actually came toward the middle of his career and was something that allowed him to truly start to see some major success in his life. Before he opened the Manaira Mall, he worked in journalism and even did some advertising. He quickly learned that working in a market with the shopping mall was going to be more profitable and something that he could enjoy more than his previous career. Visit for more info.

When Roberto Santiago built the shopping mall, he made sure that it had everything that a traditional shopping mall would have. From the shops to the food and even the movie theaters, Manaira Mall was created to be a typical shopping mall. The part of the mall that was not so “typical” was the way that it was set up to be a luxurious option for people. From the finishes to the stores that would later inhabit the spaces of the mall, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping was intended for those who wanted to be able to really enjoy the finer things while they were shopping.

As Manaira got more popular and Roberto Santiago was able to make more profits from the stores that he had, he was able to expand the mall. He added different parts to the mall but made sure that it always flowed almost seamlessly so that people would think that the original mall was as nice as what the mall is like with additions. Since Roberto Santiago was limited in the space around the mall, he decided that he was going to have to build up the mall. This made it one of the tallest buildings in Paraiba and one of the biggest malls in the world.

Roberto Santiago knew that adding onto his mall would help. He also knew that making something uncharacteristic for a mall would be beneficial in making his mall unique. For this reason, he decided to add the expo center on top of all of the additions that he had put on the mall. It made things better for the people who wanted to visit and wanted entertainment beyond the traditional movie theaters that they were able to enjoy when they went to different malls around the country.

The mall is a place that people can go when they want to be able to do new things and try new opportunities. It has something for people to do whether they want to be able to shop, eat or enjoy the entertained by the different things that were going on. Thanks to everything that Roberto Santiago has done for Manaira, it has managed to stay relevant in a world that is losing its focus on malls. People who visit the Manaira Mall area able to see that it continues to get bigger and better despite the changes in the economy. Read more on