CEO Logan Stout Of IDLife, Inc. Announces Partnership With Garmin International Inc.


CEO Logan Stout Of IDLife, Inc. Announces Partnership With Garmin International Inc.

IDLife, LLC, is a health and wellness company that provides vitamins, other nutritional products, and a smartphone app that helps people stay healthy. They recently partnered with Garmin International Inc., which creates GPS enabled devices including wearable technology. The partnership enables IDLife to sell Garmin’s Vivio activity trackers on their website as well as Garmin’s Index Smart Scale. By the end of the year the data that is generated by Garmin’s products will be integrated with IDLife’s mobile app which will help people manage and track their activity levels.

The mobile app that IDLife created is called IDLife Experience. The app leads people to complete three steps each day. The app will gain a lot of functionality after the Garmin wellness products are fully integrated with it. The goal is to help people look beyond the number on their scale and instead take in the total picture of being healthy. The Index Smart Scale helps with this by measuring not just weight but also the person’s BMI, body fat, and other key measurements of health.

IDLife was founded by Logan Stout in September 2013. He serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and manages the company’s strategic vision along with its day to day operations. The vitamins and health products that they sell can be customized in order to fit the individualized needs of each of its customers. Logan Stout also serves as a public speaker and has spoken at a large number of conventions and business conferences across the United States.

Another business that Logan Stout founded and leads is the Premier Baseball Academy which has facilities in Frisco and Plano, Texas. These are indoor baseball fields where young athletes can rent cages, receive private lessons, and work on their hitting and pitching skills. As a former baseball player himself, Logan Stout also founded Dallas Patriots, Inc. in 2000. This organization helps junior high and high school baseball players increase their ability to play the game. The players that they train have gone on to play in both college baseball as well as some moving on to Major League Baseball.

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