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How Mike Baur Became A Leader In The Startup Industry

Mike Baur is a Swedish businessman who is a leader in the startup industry. He was in the banking industry for several years before jumping into helping entrepreneurs launch new and exciting companies in the digital industry. His success has led to him often being asked to give keynote addresses at university graduations as well as at small and mid-sized corporate events and forums.

When Mike Baur was growing up the world of banking and finance greatly interested him. He attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern and earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance. With his degree in hand, in 2000 he earned his first position as a commercial apprentice at UBS Wealth Management, one of the largest banks in Switzerland. In December 2008 he joined Clariden Leu as the Business Area Head of Private Banking and in 2012 he was named the Head of Private Banking for Sallfort. Eventually, Mike Baur decided he had lost his passion for this industry and made the leap into accelerating startups.

The company he co-founded, Swiss Startup Factory AG, was itself a startup when it launched in 2014. Mike Baur led the company through its own startup phase and is now the Executive Chairman of the company. His company specializes in a three-month long startup accelerator program which gives entrepreneurs the knowledge, skills, mentoring, business services, and office space they need to create a new and dynamic company.

Swiss Startup Factory has a page on its website dedicated to Founder Stories. These feature interviews with entrepreneurs, including Mike Baur, talking about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. In his interview, Mike Baur stresses just how hard it is to create a startup and how much dedication it has. Most new entrepreneurs enter thinking it’s going to be a lot easier to establish their company and product(s) than it is in reality. Mike Baur says if you’re going to start a company you need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work not only really hard but really smart as well.

Mike Baur’s second biggest passion beyond his career is following various sports. He really enjoys following the Fribourg Gotteron, his hometown soccer team. He also enjoys following athletes on the Swiss Tennis Pros tour as well as the ATP tour. He has said that being an athlete and being an entrepreneur utilize many of the same skills and commitment.



CEO Logan Stout Of IDLife, Inc. Announces Partnership With Garmin International Inc.

IDLife, LLC, is a health and wellness company that provides vitamins, other nutritional products, and a smartphone app that helps people stay healthy. They recently partnered with Garmin International Inc., which creates GPS enabled devices including wearable technology. The partnership enables IDLife to sell Garmin’s Vivio activity trackers on their website as well as Garmin’s Index Smart Scale. By the end of the year the data that is generated by Garmin’s products will be integrated with IDLife’s mobile app which will help people manage and track their activity levels.

The mobile app that IDLife created is called IDLife Experience. The app leads people to complete three steps each day. The app will gain a lot of functionality after the Garmin wellness products are fully integrated with it. The goal is to help people look beyond the number on their scale and instead take in the total picture of being healthy. The Index Smart Scale helps with this by measuring not just weight but also the person’s BMI, body fat, and other key measurements of health.

IDLife was founded by Logan Stout in September 2013. He serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and manages the company’s strategic vision along with its day to day operations. The vitamins and health products that they sell can be customized in order to fit the individualized needs of each of its customers. Logan Stout also serves as a public speaker and has spoken at a large number of conventions and business conferences across the United States.

Another business that Logan Stout founded and leads is the Premier Baseball Academy which has facilities in Frisco and Plano, Texas. These are indoor baseball fields where young athletes can rent cages, receive private lessons, and work on their hitting and pitching skills. As a former baseball player himself, Logan Stout also founded Dallas Patriots, Inc. in 2000. This organization helps junior high and high school baseball players increase their ability to play the game. The players that they train have gone on to play in both college baseball as well as some moving on to Major League Baseball.


Secrets To Attract Venture Capitalists Like Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur based in Dallas who has been quite good at turning dreams into a reality. His endeavors have ranged the spectrum with everything from real estate and capital investments to telecommunications earning him a decent amount of money over the years. He now leads his company, Timber Creek Capital, as they assist those with start-ups towards success. He leverages his experience and expertise, which saw him breathe life into Bluejay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom LLC, to take on the new ventures.Learn more :


This life breath has not only been given to a myriad of companies, but he also holds a place in his heart for charitable organizations. There is a homeless shelter in Texas known as The Samaritan Inn which is certainly thankful for his time and donations. Also, the Habitat For Humanity and a network of magnet schools known as The American Can! Academy are places that he has given time and money. He himself has established Sparky’s Kids which looks out for underprivileged youth in many ways. All of this is a way to give back to a community which has helped him achieve so much, and Texas is better for it.


As a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks understands that sticking point that almost every company has or will encounter. This is the time when it is almost impossible to take the dream further without some more cash to help things move faster. He wants to help and looks for a few specific features so that he can believe in the business. One of those is proprietariness in products and services. If something can be easily replicated then the competition is sure to chime in and limit the return on investment if it begins to get too successful.


Sales data can be another key proof that shows venture capitalists like Marc Sparks that the demand is there. This makes it an easy decision if it can be shown that the people want something, but it is just that enough of it cannot be delivered. Finally, a clear strategy will be essential to showing investors how the money will be used wisely.Learn more :


George Soros – Life and Work

Mr. George Soros is a political influence, a philanthropist, and a businessman, and a writer. He was born in the Hungarian capital in 1930. His early childhood lacked safety as the Nazi forces were sweeping the country at that time. George Soros was born under the name of George Schwartz. His parents – Trividar and Erzebat Schwartz were non-practicing Jews. His father Trividar changed the name of the family to Soros when his son was at the age of six. Then, he sent his children and his wife to different places with forged documents in order to help them survive the radical times.

George Soros spent his childhood and young teenage years in Budapest, Hungary. He lived with a Christian family. The man of the house was supposed to report any Jews to the Nazi, but Trividar Soros paid him to keep his son safe and pretend he is a distant relative that he had adopted. Years later, The Soros family was able to come together again, far away from home. George Soros enrolled in a university in London – London School of Economics. He graduated from it with more than a degree. During his time at the academic institution, George Soros became hugely familiar with the work of a philosopher – Karl Pepper. The main idea of Karl pepper that George Soros studied deeply is his concept of an ”open society” which describes a society without discrimination and segregation based on race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or profession. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

George Soros moved to the United States in America after graduating. He got heavily invested into doing business and writing about his experience and sharing the wisdom and knowledge he has amassed over the years. He started a company called Soros Fund Management and also became heavily invested in philanthropy work and fundraising. He also became politically involved, George Soros recently came back to the political scene in order to support Hilary Clinton. Over the course of the elections, he sprinkled donations on many political groups in support of Hilary Clinton.

Other charities that George Soros has been supporting over the years have been fighting against discrimination and have been sharing his views on an open society. The idea of such a world have been a driving force for George Soros over the long years, and his work has been directed towards establishing t as a reality. George Soros has often stated that he believes the corporate world and the political world have been coming together into a cold machine. His desire is to create a hospitable political landscape and make corporations more mindful of the individual and more humane. He is currently in his 80s and still active in his life’s work. Visit to know more about George.