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Breaking Into Miami Real Estate with Samuel Strauch

When facing economic uncertainty many investors look to diversify their assets by investing in high-value real estate properties. Real estate purchases in the United States have increased by nearly $ 88 million. In 2016, the US was also ranked as one of the countries with the best opportunity for price appreciation. Big cities like Miami are a big part of this growth and our gains in prosperity. For domestic and foreign investors places like New York and Miami represent an opportunity to invest in real estate in the face of economic crisis facing the countries around the world.

There are many challenges facing investors who want to break into the Miami real estate market. One obstacle is that Miami homes are in high demand. The best investments are usually real estate in areas other people are investing heavily in and that have high population growth. In order, to overcome these issues you will need a licensed real estate agent with experience in Florida. Samuel Strauch has 14 years of real estate experience. Strauch has completed many sales in several high volume and popular areas in and around Miami. These areas include Miami Beach, Margate, and Sunny Isles Beach. Samuel Strauch is ranked one of the top 12% of real estate agents for Miami Beach because he has successfully sold homes and is known for selling them fast.

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In uncertain economic times, it is important to rely on realtors with experience like Samuel Strauch. He has the knowledge of Miami real estate markets and the reputation it takes to find properties that fill your needs. You can look him up on Homelight and see that his results speak volumes about his ability to help buyer acquire property even in a place like Miami that presents so many obstacles for prospective investors.

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Sam Boraie’s Entrepreneurial And Charitable History

In New Jersey, most people are familiar with the name Boraie. Sam is the son of Omar Boraie, the proprietor of Boraie Development, LLC. The New Jersey- based corporation has continued to develop multi-use facilities, which have attracted people and businesses to the region. Presently, the corporation has an elaborate plan of revitalizing New Brunswick City. The Egyptian-born investor, Omar Boraie, has played a pivotal role in reviving the Atlantic City. The region is slowly recovering from the effects of the economic downturn.

Sam Boraie is one of the transformational leaders of Boraie Development. Owing to his involvement with the family business for long, Sam has gained immense knowledge and experience in the expansive and competitive real estate industry. To this end, he is mandated with the duty of finding new development locations. Sam has a younger sister and an older brother, all of whom serve as vice presidents of the corporation. Boraie Development has been partnering with different property managers and real estate developers to develop, manage and sell different high-end projects to their wide client base across the country.

Boraie Development has been in business for over three decades according to PR News. Their prime goal is to develop projects that appeal to the residents, financial partners and tenants. One of its landmark buildings is The Aspire. This high-rise deluxe residential property is located in the heart of New Brunswick City. This 25-story building is the tallest in the region. It has 121 residential units, 40,000 and 10,000 sq-ft of office space and retail space respectively, and an outdoor space, which is favorable for barbecue and other activities. In addition, The Aspire has a large parking garage.  See,

Sam Boraie has been heavily involved in different philanthropic activities. Together with other renowned local businessmen, Sam sits on the Board of Trustees of the State Theatre of New Jersey. The mission of the State Theatre is to enrich people’s lives. The populace of New Jersey comes from diverse backgrounds. In addition, the entity enhances the urban environment by providing a performing arts venue at the heart of New Jersey that ensures that the community has a long-term relationship with performing arts. Moreover, the theatre seeks to provide arts education programs that are geared towards informing and building future audiences. The State Theatre presents the finest international and national performing artists.

The public supports the not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization. State Theatre has also benefited from Sam Boraie’s donations. In addition, the Boraie family and Boraie Development continues to donate to the institution. Besides the State Theatre, Sam has been involved with the Elijah’s Promise. This entity seeks to empower communities in the entire State of New Jersey with the objective of breaking the cycle of poverty. Elijah’s Promise focuses on ending hunger, creating businesses that focus on social benefits, providing healthy foods to the community. Moreover, the institution helps people to secure and sustain satisfactory employment. Sam Boraie is an active member of the board of directors of the organization. Here, he zeroes in on planning for the entity’s future.

Sam Boraie and Boraie Development’s contributions to the populace of New Brunswick continue to be appreciated in the entire state.


The Best Is Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the best company in the public safety field, and they are showing this on a regular basis. Since they are able to create technologies on a weekly basis, their customers are benefiting from this. They created the Video Visitations, and this has been wonderful for the correction facilities that use their services.


The Video Visitations allow the prisoners in the correction facilities to communicate with others via the video. They can hear and see them, as well as talk with them. This makes it safer for everyone involved, and the customers of the company are raving about it. They are saying the most things about them.


Securus Technologies is a company that takes pride in what they do, and they have invited their customers and the public to tour their Dallas, TX location. They will able to see what they are currently working on, and why it is so important to the public safety field. They are sought after by many companies all throughout the country, and are known for their expertise clear across the world. With all that this company can offer to the field, it looks like the future will be filled with even more success for them. Their accomplishments are numerous, and will continue to add up as they progress into the future even further.